About Us

APi Technologies, connects eTailers' customers with a nationwide network of experts dedicated to servicing the needs of our partner''s customers via the APi xChange..
Enabling a complex set of needs across our partner's ecosystem, their customers and our pros requires extensive experience, skills and "special sauce" to make it all work seamlessly.

So unlike the other so-called Handy technologies, we ensure that any order placed within our system is properly managed by a professional provider with full-time customer service reps who oversee field operations. 
Over the past 12 years, our leadership team has been perfecting the complex orchestration requirements of this vastly unique  interaction.between retailer, the consumer and the local Experrt.

Corporate Leadership

  1. Dan J. Stern
    Dan is Technology and Customer Experience Executive Advisor to APi Technologies and has over 25 years of experience helping firms maximize their customer experiences.
  2. Marc Barad
    Marc is the Chief Innovation Officer of APi Technologies. He leads the sales, client success, product design and development teams. He brings over 30 years of experience in bringing digital solutions to market.
  3. Michael Kleber-Diggs
    Michael is Legal Advisor to APi Technologies and has over 25 years of experience working with technology and service related firms.
  4. John Gusiff
    John leads the APi Client Success team. John has over 30 years of experience working with world-class brands and optimizing their customer experience.
  5. To-Be-Announced
  6. To Be Announced
    Partner Manager